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Just a few more photographs of the field before and after the drainage work.  The images are not from exactly the same position, but should give an idea of the work carried out and the improvement.

Firstly, viewing the entire field, it is possible to see the extent of the wet area at the bottom of the hill.


... an abundance of rushes.

 pre drainage sml

pre drainage2 sml

Now, post drainage, it is possible to see the lines of the new drains.
(note also our lovely field of hay/haylage in the making)

post drainage sml

The ground is now much drier; with more grass growth and fewer rushes.

post drainage2 sml

Our turning area / car park is also completed.

road hardstanding sml

The ground works to re-establish a functioning access road to the paddocks has begun, and is making significant progress.

At the end of day 2, the burn crossing has been refurbished, the vegetation has been cleared from the roadway, and the bottom layer (type 3) has been spread and compacted.

Compare the before and after photographs below.



... and the view from the field back towards the road
trackday2 1

May 16th was Shearing day at Velvet Hall.
We were being taught by Michael Henderson how to shear.
Michael demonstrated on a couple of the boys, then let us loose on the others.

We are delighted that Lexus is now officially on our herd book, and is currently residing at Velvet Hall.

After what seemed like a long-long time, the legal aspect of our land purchase has been completed.
The missives are signed, and we are a step closer to taking posession at the beginning of June.


On Saturday, 4th April, Bob intended to visit the North West Alpaca Group (NWAG) Championships.
However, his attendance status changed from "visitor" to "handler"!