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  • Naomi

    Naomi came from Fowberry in Yorkshire.  Her birthday is 3 July 2009.

  • Symphony

    Symphony came to us from Fowberry in Yorkshire.  Her birth date is 21 June 2012.

  • Lexus

    Lexus - our first Alpaca purchase
    (Lexus was born 7 June 2012)

BobCat Isabella was born on Wednesday, 6th Juny, just as I arrived at the farm at 08:30

She is the daughter of Fowberry Naomi and Fowberry Nobility; and full sister of Fowberry Balthazar ( a championship winning member of BobCat herd).
We are delighted that Naomi has delivered a girl this time, and from an early examination of her, we have great optimism that she is going to be special too.

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