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Not all aspects of our progress is attractive and pretty.
Some things are just destined to be functional.
Our temporary HQ falls into that category.  Nothing beautiful about this new arrival in the field, but it is increadibly useful, and functional, and secure.

A 20foot container has been sited to provide a lockable store on the farm.


Placed adjacent to the area of hard standing, it is hoped that the container's arrival will reduce the amount of "stuff" which has been occupying the back of my car.  There is a definite requirement for equipment to be available when I need it at the field, but is has been at the expense of a very messy Volvo recently.


The relocation of those items to where they are required has the additional benefit of clearing some much needed space in our garage at home.

We are now awaiting the contractors who are going to cut and bale our haylage in a couple of weeks; then I can make significant progress in the creation of paddocks and installing drinking troughs and fences.

The order was placed for our livestock trailer today too.