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1 a )Payment is made at time of booking.
   b) Confirmation emails will be sent after payment is complete. 
   c) All bookings are non-refundable.
   d) Booking amendments can only be made if notification  is given at least 5 days prior to your visit date.  Amendments will incur an administration charge.

   e) You should aim to be at the farm before the stated start time.  While we try to accommodate visitors who encounter travel difficulties, we cannot delay the walk significantly more than 10 minutes.  All activities start at the first time shown for that activity.

2 a) No unaccompanied minors (under 16 years).

   b) The minimum age for children having sole control of an alpaca is 11 years.
     (Note: 2nd lead ropes with an adult is possible for younger children - please write requirements in the "Notes" box)

3) For ultimate enjoyment of the experience, we recommend a walker / alpaca ratio of 1:1 (with exception of note 2 above)
    However, we do allow sharing of alpacas by groups of walkers up to a maximum of 2 people per alpaca
    Groups with a larger number of people per alpaca booked may not be permitted to partake in the activity

4) We reserve the right to refuse to include an individual on an activity under the following circumstances:

  a) If the visitor is unfit to control an alpaca due to influence of alcohol or drugs.
  b) If the visitor is showing inappropriate behaviour towards other individuals or alpacas.
  c) If the visitor's inclusion in the group could constitute a safety risk or hazzard to the activity.

5) We reserve the right to cancel the activity at short (or no) advance notice due to the following circumstances:

  a) Weather conditions which could cause the activity to be unsafe or risk injury to participants.
  b) Illness or personal (family) circumstances relating to the owners or staff of BobCat Alpacas.
  c) Health or welfare of any alpaca within the herd.
  d) External factors (e.g. animal movement restrictions).

In the event of cancellation as described above, liability of BobCat Alpacas will be limited to facilitating the rescheduling of the booking.

6) No person during the activity (other than the owners) will have sole control of more than 2 alpacas at any time.

7) Dogs are not permitted within the boundaries of the farm at any time.
  - dogs cannot accompany walkers during the activities
  - dogs should not be left within visitors' cars during activities.

8) Individuals with physical disabilities may find some of the terrain on the walking activity challenging and should discuss this aspect with BobCat team before booking to establish viability.

9) While BobCat Alpacas do carry Public Liability Insurance, visitors remain responsible for ensuring their own safety, as well as those within their group, during the activity.

10 a) There is an adequate but limited parking facilty on site.
     b) Cars are parked at their owners' risk.