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Dear Client,

We are delighted that your enthusiasm for meeting our alpacas is so great.

However, this may impact on your ability to book an experience with us.

Currently we are offering Winter Alpaca Walks, and the demand for this means that weekends are fully booked about 2 months ahead.

Occasionally, people do have to cancel their booking, and this results in those slots being made available again on the calendar - so it is always worth a look to identify if this is the case.  Cancellations automatically update the calendar.

Winter walks will take place at 1pm instead of 2pm for the duration that the clocks are on GMT (end of October until end of March)

The calendar for winter walks has now been released and those dates are available for you to book.

The Winter walk calendar extends until the end of March 2019.  The calendar for Summer 2019 walks (April to October) will be released in January 2019

We are unable to accept bookings by telephone or email.  

We hope that you will understand, and be able to find a suitable slot by planning further ahead when booking.

Kind regards,

BobCat Alpacas